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Family Farm

Our Priorities
  • Customer satisfaction

  • Berries quality

  • Environment protection

  • Work and production safety

  • Caring of our stuff and our neighbourhood

  • Sustainable development of our company

In Georgia Samegrelo is one of the most interesting historic region. It is famous for its history and unique subtropical climate - the Black sea from the west bringing warm and soft air and the Caucasus mountain range blocking cold waves from Svaneti in the North. 

Memoberry comes from "megruli mocvi" that means "Megrelian berries" in Georgian language.

Memoberry is a family blueberry farm founded in 2017 when we had planted first 10 hectares on a site of the abandoned tea plantation near Zugdidi town, Samegrelo, Georgia. Fresh highland air, pure water, flawless weather and persistent care make our berries a perfect delicious dish.


Our main objective is fulfilment of all the requests of our respected customers up to the highest standards. Everyone of our stuff has been well trained and are strictly monitored to ensure the demand attain. Memoberry farm corresponds Global GAP Standard requirements .

On our fields we are cultivating the most suitable for local climate blueberry southern varieties of early ripening. That means that the harvest period is from May till the end of June.

Our agronomy, harvesting and sorting/packing are both traditional and technically innovative. We use the latest scientific researches from different world recognised universities, modern instrumentation and control methods, reliable irrigation systems and agriculture mechanisation.

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